How to Get Your Page on Google 2021


Let’s face it when you publish a web page you want it found and this is your basic guide on how to get your page on Google 2021. In this post, I will discuss what basic steps you need to take to make sure your page can be found by those who are looking for […]

Gamification in Internet Marketing


For online marketers the name of the game is engagement and nothing brings better engagement than gamify ads. Gamification is the use of quizzes, point-scoring and giveaways to create engagement with a brand. Typeforms is a better site to set up quizzes and many chat is a great platform for bot interaction. Here are a […]

How to Manage Your Online Reputation


One of the fastest-growing industries today is online reputation management aka ORM. Corporations literally spend hundreds of millions of dollars to protect their brand so they hire full-time experts to handle this critical task. What about small companies and individuals who just don’t have big budgets? If you are in this second bucket this is […]

How to add Schema Markup to Your Website.


Everyone at least knows what SEO is, but when I say Schema Markup or structured data as it is also known almost nobody gets it. I don’t want to get too technical and I am far from what I would consider an SEO expert. But I knew early on that SEO is important if you […]

SEO For Dummies A Beginners Guide To SEO


What if you build a website and nobody came? All too often this is what happens so people tend to get discouraged. I too have been one of those discouraged people. You hear and read about SEO, but honestly, I have never seen anything that explains it all to a beginner.  I do not claim […]

12 Things You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing


Building a business today requires building an effective online presence. Social Media Marketing offers a no-cost and low-cost solution to showcase your business with little to no experience. But it is important to keep in mind that your social media is your business window on Main Street. So it is important that each social page […]

Top 10 Scams To Avoid When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency


It is no secret that selecting the right digital marketing agency can seriously help almost any business thrive today. Conversely making the wrong decision can set a company back years and tens of thousands of dollars directly and indirectly. Here are tips to help you avoid scams and outright fraud when selecting a digital marketing […]