Chat Bots

We use chatbots in so many ways today including Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Pages, Websites, Webinars and Landing Pages within our sales funnels. The results have been staggering to say the least with an amazing 75% improvement in engagement across all platforms. We are finding that people love the instant gratification and personalized touch that Chatbots deliver on demand. Market Pros Uses Chatbots in our gamification Promo applications with some of the best ROI we have seen in the industry ever. We also use chatbots for instructional and fulfillment in obtaining information and answering questions that may arise over use of whatever platform the user is on. We see the use of chatbots only growing in the coming years and have One entire team dedicated to growing our knowledge base and utilization of this technology in our business model.


Artificial Intelligence

One of the greatest innovations in marketing is the utilization of Artificial Intelligence aka AI. AI instantly engages and captivates audiences in ways never before dreamed of. Utilizing Chatbots and specialized interactive content and forms the audience is instantly directed to the content, products and services that best meets their needs wants and desires. While AI has yet to reach the level of Hal in 2001 Space Odyssey; it has reached a level that will engage amaze and captivate.

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