Digital Marketing Agency Franchise Opportunity

"Finally a turn key Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency with all the resources of the biggest agencies on Earth"       

At last there is a truly exceptional Digital Marketing Agency Franchise Opportunity. Now you can leverage our many successful years of digital and social media marketing experience to quickly build wealth for yourself and your family without the thousands of hours or dollars it would normally take to build your own.  There is no denying that starting a business is a daunting task to say the least. And opening a Digital or Social Media Marketing Agency is no exception. There are many challenges to open your business, below is the short list of just a few.

  • Financing- First we can not ignore the elephant in the room by not mentioning the fact that any business requires some kind of investment. And while it seems that there is little or no cost to opening up a home based marketing company, nothing can be further from the truth. Software, training, marketing tools, forms, cards and the list goes on and on.
  • Customer Acquistition- Second you need to learn how to get clients, hands down the most important part of any business. This is the single biggest challenge in business large and small. It is why the marketing space even exists and the subject of more books and courses then any other subject in business.
  • Pricing- One of the biggest problems new marketing agencies encounter is what to charge for their services. Many begin by under charging and either working for free or not securing clients that know a quality service is going to cost a premium.
  • Marketing Expertise- To become a successful ad agency you need to know how to market in whatever niche you plan to market in. Your clients wont pay you for long unless you deliver results,  no matter how good you are at making the initial sale.
  • Technical Expertise- Setting up any digital marketing funnel is going to require a tremendous amount of expertise on many different levels including platform, landing pages, mail merge, auto responder, bots, merchant services and much more.
  • Support Staff- Even an agency with one client will need support staff to answer phones and questions. Just one employee can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Contracts- You are going to need quality contracts in place to start any business that works on a contractual basis. Contracts must be clear concise and easy to understand.
  • Legal- The more successful you may become,  the more possiblities of legal challenges arise including employment, liability and much more.
  • Accounting and collections- Every business has to spend a lot of time handling book keeping, payroll, taxes and more. Most hire a book keeper and or a CPA as they grow and this expense only gets bigger as the business attains more success.
  • Branding- Building a brand is one of the more dificult things to do in this world. It is why a brand can be more valauble then the actual company. You can spend millions building a brand, but when you are a known brand all sales are less trouble, particularly big ticket sales.

All in all you can spend tens of thousands of dollars and be the hardest working person on earth and still fail. The fact is 80% of businesses fail, becuase most of them fail to prepare.

A Market Pros International Franchise eliminates all these problems. 

How It Works

We have removed all the inherent challenges that must be overcome to build a digital or social media marketing agency. Clients will have the care and attention that only a small local office can offer with the expertise, infastructure and support that only a large firm can deliver.  We put you way ahead of even large agencies becuase you are backed by a world class team of specialized digital marketers that rival even the biggest firms. Our franchisees have at their finger tips all the support they will need to flourish and win in the digital markeing world.  Here is a short list of the benefits our franchise will offer you. 

  • Financing- There is very little up front cost to owning a Market Pros International franchise at this point. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars for you already. All support staff is provided as part of your package.
  • Customer Acquisition Support- All franchisees and sales staff recieve non stop  sales training via daily conference calls, weekly webinars and 24/7 call in support. Addtionally our sales team is available for calls to answer questions and help close a sale whenever necessary and for big ticket sales Market Pros provides a team of "closers" available to accompany the franchisee to help close the deal. All this at no charge to the franchisee. This is what the franchisee needs to be focused on and we make sure they are well trained and prepared to succeed.
  • Pricing- There really is no guess work in our pricing model. It is simple to understand and easy to explain to a prospect and should never be an obstacle to closing a sale.
  • Marketing Expertise- While franchisees will need to know basic marketing techniques, they are backed by a team of marketing experienced experts with a highly successful track record in all aspects of the digital marketing space. These experts include: Copy Writers, Creative Experts, Targeting Experts and More.
  • Technical Expertise- Our franchisees are backed by a highly trained staff of experts in all the technical aspects of the digital marketing space. Addtionally we already have all the software and website tools that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars to set up.  We also have Tool experts in Lead pages, Click Funnels, MSG Hero, Many Chat, AI, Jotforms, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Get Response,  Zoho, Platform experts in Facebook, Instagram, Google, You Tube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora, Shopify, Yahoo, MSN and many more.
  • Contracts- Our easy to use contracts are already in place and are sent out by your dedicated in house account executive directly to your client via docusign.
  • Legal- Contracts and proceedural  legal matters are handled by our legal department.
  • Accounting and Collections- We handle collections and all the accounting related to franchisees account less payroll, utilites and rent. That is still the responsibility of the franchisee.
  • Branding- Market Pros International has already established ourselves as a major market player in the digital arena and expect to spend many dollars in the near future to further promote the brand and boost your sales even further.


Once your franchise is approved you will receive all the tools you will need to quickly hit the ground running including:

  • Media Kit Including Business cards and Letter head
  • Apparel including embroidered Polo shirts
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Full access to your online CRM
  • Online automated attendant and phone number.
  • Access to all training materials
  • Call in number for daily training sessions
  • Company Email adresses for all staff
  • 24/7 Mentorship
  • Certificate of Existance for your franchise
  • Web site dedicated to franchise territory
  • Access to Company Tool box
  • Acess to all promotional litterature
  • Acess to contract templates
  • Call in number for instant assistance for in field sales
  • Call in number to reach your dedicated account executive

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We are only accepting 20 applicants in a few choice locations at this time first come first served.