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Facebook now has over 2 billion users worldwide and is hands down the top marketing platforms in the world. The targeting is like nothing ever seen in the marketing space. Where a company can actually target people who are currently seeking the exact product or service they are offering. This sophisticated level of targeting combined with the low cost to engage makes Facebook far and away the best platform for ROI. Here at Market Pros we have made it our business to to be the top Facebook Marketing agency in the world to the point that many top Digital agencies actually contract their Facebook Marketing to us because of our high level of expertise. 

The following is a short list of our Facebook Strategies.

Gamify- One of the top strategies we use to engage our audiences is gamification. To briefly explain gamify would be quizzes, puzzles, and much more. Everyone loves to gamify and it drives the audience directly to our clients product or service

Chat Bots- Another highly successful facebook Marketing Strategy we use is called a chatbot. Chatbots can be used in many ways and are just plain fun while building a list that can utilize messenger instead of Email. The obvious benefit is a 90% open rate for correspondence and adverts. Among the highest of any product in the marketing space. 

Lead Ads- When your audience is on facebook they are in their comfort zone. Most do not like to leave the platform to visit landing pages and then leave personal  information for fear of spam and endless phone calls. Enter facebook Lead Ads. This format keeps the audience withing the Facebook platform while still collecting the valuable information needed. 

Events- We use online events such as webinars and live feeds from clients locations or client events to engage our audience as people are simply curious. We have found that live events increase engagement by 30%. 

Contests- People love to enter contests and we have had some of the most successful contest strategies on Facebook utilizing Chatbots and Gamification within the advert with an ROI over 10 times adspend. 

Stunning Video- Our studies show that video has a 30% higher engagement over photos or simple content. Producing exciting ,relevant and engaging video is crucial to a successful simple campaign. Our video department has thousands of hours experience developing videos that will dazzle and engage your prospective audience. 

Call To Action Promotions- A strong marketing technique is a call to action event. An example would be Black Friday. Buyers love the idea that if they can be amongst the first they can receive an amazing discount, gift or offer. 

There are so many other techniques we use but as we said in the onset this is a simple to understand short list. Setting up a successful campaign takes a lot of planning, preparation, testing and optimizing. All our campaigns go through a rigorous testing we call rapid fire testing that involves gaining critical information to dictate the direction of the campaign. Call our offices today for a full in depth evaluation of your Facebook Marketing strategy and  learn why our clients have grown accustomed to seeing ROI higher than ten times. Our house team of Facebook Marketing Experts are constantly seeking new and innovative campaigns that crush it every day. We are not resting on our past achievements though. Using our own brand of Rapid Fire Testing we are constantly pushing the envelop to reach new heights. If you ask the team about all the accolades from past campaigns they will tell you"you aint seen nothing yet." Stay tuned!


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