Gamification in Internet Marketing

For online marketers the name of the game is engagement and nothing brings better engagement than gamify ads. Gamification is the use of quizzes, point-scoring and giveaways to create engagement with a brand.

Typeforms is a better site to set up quizzes and many chat is a great platform for bot interaction. Here are a number of common questions that newbies tend to ask as they begin their gamification experience. gamification-in-internet-marketing

What is gamification?

Wikipedia defines the term gamification as the application of game-design elements and game principles in a nongame context. My definition of the term is using games to create engagements with your audience. Who doesn’t like to take a quiz, solve a math problem or find how many boxes in this picture? Simply put all this is gamification and it can be used in many ways to create engagement and even drive sales. Savvy marketers are using this method to jump ahead of the pack in the never-ending battle of online marketing.

What are some examples of Gamification?

The list of methods of gamification is literally endless so I will keep it short to avoid confusion.

  1. Take this quiz and find out blank                                                                                                                                                                                                        This method is heavily used for makeup where you would simply answer a series of questions and find out what makeup is best for you. After you complete the quiz you will usually be directed to purchase the recommended products.
  2. Use our calculator and find out what size home loan or car loan you qualify for                                                                                                                     This type of gamification uses customer interaction in two ways. First, it helps weed out unqualified prospects, and second, a well-thought-out funnel can drive them to apply.
  3. Enter to win two free dinners, 2 beauty treatments, 2 dental cleanings, or 2 products for you and a friend. To enter simply comment below who you will share your prize with and we will message you to confirm entry. Good Luck!                                                                                              This method uses a chatbot to engage an audience on Facebook and it works really well. The best part is you can build a targeted list to remarket to in the future. The negative is Facebook has limited the number of times you can remarket through messenger without paying.

As I said before the applications are endless, but I think you get the idea. To see more examples simply search Google for gamification examples and you will likely find one for your application. To get more examples check out this video.

How do I set up a gamification ad campaign?

When you are ready to try this method you will need to gain some technical expertise in various platforms and applications. Luckily Youtube has a tremendous library of how-to videos to run almost any application effectively so you can create your first ad fast. Keep in mind that all these platforms cost money so make sure you feel the method you plan to utilize actually works. Most of the platforms offer a free trial so that is a great place to start.

What form of gamification is best for my business?

There are a number of different formats where it makes good sense to use and do. The most common and least obvious form of gamification that is being more sophisticated, is patterns, or points. They’re also referred to as “drawings.” Different techniques and actions can be used to try and capture and improve the user. For example, there is a pattern-based ad that may take the form of some black and white images drawing lines to follow in place of words. They tend to rely on linework and their design has gotten a fairly standard style and is not necessarily a consistent one. Browsers may use emblems to the logo, the use of a wedding ring, or a telephone number, and all are inputted as the basis for the same piece. When the user “goes to the color out” or selects the color, the patterns link back and form begins.

There is also new “language” based style that tends to be a sort of vocalization or expression.

It is a progression or repeat, and often involves a user’s imagination, voice, and communicating words or phrases. Foragers, the theme in the last section, is the challenge of finding enough patterns or phrased to let users “discover” a new way of doing things. The two most common approaches use of these types of sites tend to emphasize discovery of latent phrases and user limitations when they use a search engine based on any of these document types.

In conclusion.

All of these methods can be useful in advertising your products or services. Where might e-commerce and online shopping business go next? With the Internet, it’s just a matter of time before everything becomes Internet-driven. This will be a leap forward and provide a platform for, growing businesses, to realize the power of this medium. If you are using online marketing then you should consider adding gamification to your strategy.

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