Gamification is one of the most engaging promotions on social media and the web today. How often do you see a quiz or a puzzle and just cannot resist to play? Using Gamification in promotions keeps your audience entertained, intrigued and captivated. Our use of AI Chat bots, Quizzes, and Competitions drive your audience towards your campaign and can be used for both Ad Gen and E Commerce. Chat Bot competitions, AI preference quizzes, Puzzles are all examples of Gamification campaigns we have used with tremendous success.   We also use AI for auto enrollment with our deregulated energy partners and many other enrollment applications with staggering ROI for our clients. 

If you want to build a campaign that can truly go viral we strongly recommend a gamification campaign. We here at Market pros International are experts at designing, engineering and promoting some of the most successful gamification campaigns in the digital marketing space

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