How to Get Your Page on Google 2021

Let’s face it when you publish a web page you want it found and this is your basic guide on how to get your page on Google 2021. In this post, I will discuss what basic steps you need to take to make sure your page can be found by those who are looking for and may benefit from it. I am talking about SEO, page title, meta description, tags, and content.

How do I get my page found by Google and other search engines?

I could simply say that your content should target a particular subject.  Also, it has all the search engine optimization requirements so it will be indexed and listed by search engines. Now, all that sounds quite simple, and when you know how it is actually is not very difficult. The problem is knowing how and in this short article I will try to tell you how to get “found”. How to get your page on google

Keyword research

Before you even put pen to paper you need to research what keywords would best describe your page. For instance, if you intend to write about “fashion eyeglasses by Yves Saint Laurent” and use that as your key phrase you would find that people searching that term is zero per month. If you look a little deeper and use the keyword “Yves Saint Laurent glasses” the keyword has 390 monthly searches. It is important to create your content around the terms people are looking for.

Creating your content

Now that you know what your key phrase is you can create your content around it. First of all the key phrase should be mentioned in the first one or two sentences exactly as the key phrase you will notice this post has how to get your page on Google through the article. Be sure to use your key phrase or synonyms like say glasses by Yves Saint Laurent 8 to 9 times in a thousand-word article. Be sure not to overuse the key phrase as search engines tend to penalize this as key phrase stacking. You will also need to make your content easy to read with short sentences of less than 20 words and transition words. Also headers to separate paragraphs similar to the article you are reading now.

Adding links to your content

Search engines like links to other pages with relevant content because it gives the post credibility. If you are writing about Yves Saint Laurent Glasses it would be great to link to a glasses site to give more clarity. Also, search engines like to see a few internal links to pages within your site and I often select the contact page for this purpose, but you can select others. Just a few links are usually sufficient for search engine requirements.

What is in a name? A lot if you want your page to be found on Google.

Now photos should be added to your post. The photos should also be named the same as the key phrase or a synonym. Even though you may not see the photo name on the web page the search engines do see it as it is found in the HTML of the page. So if at all possible put at least one photo and one featured image in your pages or posts with the right name.

Tags everywhere.

There are various tags on your page or post starting with the title. The title should absolutely include your chosen keyword. Next is your H1 tag which really means your first heading. It also should contain the keyword. Then comes your H2, H3, and so on tags. These are also the headings and many should also contain your keyword synonyms or the actual keyword. You may need to look carefully at your text editor to locate the H1, H2, H3 tags, but it is usually there.

Now you’re ready to get your page on Google.

Now that you know how to get your page on Google and have put all the key components into your content it’s time to do the final polish. Make sure you keep your sentences short, less than 20 words. Make sure you have a good amount of transition words. Do not start two sentences in a row with the same word. Keep your paragraphs short 3 or four lines. Grammar should be good and you are ready to publish.

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