Messenger Bots

Messenger bots are a form of artificial intelligence using pre designed questions and keywords to simulate human interactions. They are used in many applications including entertainment, customer service, direct sales, lead gen and much more. Bots reduce expenses by lowering the costs associated with manpower, training, office space and equipment to name a few. They boost your productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction because they respond to meet the needs of the browser instantly, professionally and predictably.

Market Pros is a recognized leader in the messenger bot industry today, because we are staffed with the top bot experts in the world. We use messenger bots in so many ways today, including Facebook Ads, Facebook business pages, websites, and within our sales funnels. The results have been staggering to say the least with an amazing 75% improvement in engagement across all platforms.  

The bottom line is that artificial intelligence and bots are the direction the digital marketing world is going. While other digital marketing agencies resist the change.  We decided that our company leads the industry, because our clients expect the best.

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