Mobile Marketing

Smart phones have a market penetration of near 90%. Meaning pretty much everyone over 18 and an extremely high percentage of teens age 12 and up now own smart phones. Unlike any other source of advertising in our history the smart phone goes everywhere the consumer goes. It is on all the time and it can be reached almost everywhere if you are using the right tools to reach it. Here at Market Pros International. We have identified this niche as one of the most valuable markets in the world. The key is how do you take advantage of that market and establish a foot hold. Of course there are App’s and we do develop Apps for the smart phone. But there are many Apps and people tend to turn off Apps they are not using at any particular time. There are two Apps however that people keep on pretty much all the time.

Text Marketing

Text Marketing is a form of marketing utilizing thew text app found in every phone even those that are not smart phones. This includes using a medium which involves text messaging over a mobile device and can be done from a mobile phone or in bulk using an SMS Aggregator and distributor online. Some businesses provide the entire service including creating the messages and sending them via an aggregator on behalf of a business. Today, Direct Text Marketing has been subsumed under mobile marketing, which include rich media embedded into the marketing messages as well as those messages sent via mobile applications besides SMS.

Many advantages come with text marketing. Since the vast majority of consumers have their cell phones with them most of the time, marketers have a higher chance of reaching them in real time. Moreover, people are much more likely to open text messages than promotional emails. Companies that give special discounts and pricing to mobile users may also boost sales and sway people toward a purchase they would not otherwise have made.

Messenger  Marketing

Within the next two years, 85% of customer-business relationships will be through technology. A huge part of these relationships will take place on messaging apps, where businesses can not only provide lightning-fast customer service but also drive sales. In anticipation, business owners should be perfecting their messenger marketing strategy right now. Facebook Messenger is one of the largest messaging platforms out there, with more than 1.3 billion monthly users.

Platforms like Facebook Messenger are the new trend in the social media marketing world since they allow business owners to reach out to consumers on a large scale through advertisements, then continue to interact on an individual level.

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