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It is often common for digital marketing agencies to showcase the national brands they have worked with in their portfolio section, however here at Market Pros International we have a strict policy of “Non Disclosure” of our present and past client list for a number of reasons most importantly client privacy.  While it is true we have had great success  in many industries, there are certain areas we tend to excel in for a multitude of reasons including experience, opportunity, profitability and more.  Here is a short list of industries we mainly specialize in.

Energy 3

          Deregulated Energy

The deregulated energy space is still in its relative infancy and many different marketing strategies have worked very well. The problem is the programs used till now have many challenges including compliance, negative PR, cost and administration. Market Pros International has overcome all of these obstacles with the best ROI per RCE in the industry.  

Med prac

                Medical Practice 

In theory a Doctor, Dentist or Chiropractor simply opens up an office and immediately makes money. In practice that is simply not the case. All medical practices rely on a steady stream of new patients for a host of reasons. Market Pros International has helped build many thriving practices through our expert use of SMM, PPC and SEO delivering the best ROI in the industry.


                     Real Estate 

We have grown up in the real estate space to the point that we have been the featured speaker at multiple real estate events. Digital marketing generates so many new opportunities to reach buyers, sellers and investors in real time. Market Pros International has developed specific strategies that work in all instances of the real estate process delivering an industry best ROI. 


               Event Promotion

Promoting events presents a unique set of challenges. Often events have limited budget and very specific demographics. SMM is custom made to overcome these unique challenges. Utilizing preferences, targeted demographics and location clearly puts SMM head and shoulders above all other forms of event promotion and the best ROI.


            Consumer Products

Consumer Products encompasses too many different areas of the marketing space to list here. We have promoted start ups all the way to national brands and we understand the challenges companies face in this space. We have tailored some of the most successful campaigns in the consumer products space and with our vast experience, creativity and innovation, we can efficiently promote most products in the consumer product space.

         Political Campaigns 

Things have changed drastically in the field of political campaigns on social media. Full transparency is required now and many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram require certain validations to even be able to post political ads on their platforms. Market Pros International in fully Facebook and Instagram verified and experienced in the US political arena. We know politics and we know how to run a compliant successful campaign.



When you are talking restaurant promotion you are talking our language. We have utilized advanced promotions that consistently bring in new business and keeps existing customers coming back over and over.  We are foodies here at Market Pros International and we know what our community likes and what drives them to your establishment. We will leverage our influencers on Yelp, Facebook, Instagram and twitter to engage and excite our audience and deliver super ROI for you.


         Health and Fitness

Americans are more focused on their health than ever before. Not just for the adults but the children also. A well run and expertly promoted fitness establishment can be extremely profitable and better still can be scaled to become more than just a local establishment. We have successfully promoted small martial arts schools all the way up to major national gyms. We are delivering the best ROI in the marketing space for our clients.

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