Pro Plus Digital Technology is our state of the art platform we provide to our Pro Plus account holders. It is a dashboard that contains Marketing Automation, Campaign Tracking, Behavior-Based Email, Blog Builder, Dynamic Landing Pages, Reporting and Analytics, Fully Customizable CRM and so much more. Our clients are able to track and influence in real time every aspect of their digital marketing campaigns with a quick and easy point and click platform that is user-friendly with many powerful tools.

Social Media Monitor

Social Media Tracking. Quickly and easily monitor, edit and analyze your social media campaigns. Keeping your audience engaged and your add dollars spent in the most effective places to maximize your ROI. All in one place and easily accessible in seconds.

Social Media Calender

Social Media Calander. Quickly and easily monitor and or change your social media posts and adds up to 12 months in advance. Making sure your account executive has the schedule you want on the exact dates and times you want it. Never again miss a deadline or important date.


Analytics. All your website and social media analytics in one easy to access panel. Where you can monitor traffic, clicks of your clients and anonymous visitors. This allows you to quickly identify your strengths, weaknesses and market demographics in your marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Automation. Our Email Marketing platform makes it easy to build, organize, plan and track your campaigns at all times. Using the behavioral- based email technology it also contains you can tailor your emails to fit within a potential clients interest sphere and so much more!

critical timing engage

Transformative Email Analytics. Sending your emails at the best possible time to obtain maximum results fro your email campaign.


Multiple Device Tracking. Using our platform you will be able to identify what devices your audience is using to access your content. This allows you to tailor your campaigns to get the best results from your target audience.

built in CRM PARTYb

 Built in CRM and many more powerful tools.  Using our platform it can help your companies stay connected with your customer and improve profitability. Our own  middleware ensures that no matter what system you are using, data is synchronized between platforms at regular intervals or in real time, with granular controls over different data sets, this provides the peace of mind that data is reliable while enabling the creative teams to focus on what they do best.

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