Review Generation

Review Generation 

Why are Reviews important?

Today reviews are everything. Research shows that 80% of consumers strongly consider online reviews before making a purchase so positive review generation is so important. And it is fair to say that your company will get some negative reviews. That is part of business and human nature. The trick is to get many positive reviews for your company so when consumers are searching you stand head and shoulders above your less prepared competition.


How can I get more reviews?

We use sophisticated technology to constantly update your company profile on Google, Facebook, Yelp, the BBB and other sites with real positive organic reviews. Our software will follow up with each and every client current and past to help identify a client who may be unhappy so you have a chance to resolve an issue. Also our software will locate identify those that are happy and guide them to review sites so they can post great things about your company. Through this technology we are constantly building your company many positive reviews people will see when they are considering making a purchase.


I do not want to bother my clients.

This is not something that will bother your clients. As a matter of fact what we do often generates even more business for our clients. Further the customer base of our clients generally is quite happy that a company they do business with actually cares enough to follow up for their satisfaction.

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