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If you are looking for Atlanta SEO experts that get serious results, You have come to the right place. We are not just SEO experts, but it is our passion! Search engine optimization is a simple word for a very complicated process. There are many aspects to the SEO process and each one has special requirements. 

Here at Market Pros International, our founders have been working in SEO for over 10 years and they are the first to admit they learn something new every day. The fact is SEO is a closely guarded secret with Search engines and each has its own algorithm. The king of the hill right now is Google so most of our focus is on Google. Rank on Google and you are almost printing money.. 


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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To define what SEO is we must first explain the term search engine. A search engine like google works in the following way. A user would enter a search term also known as a keyword into the search bar and hit enter. Google will then pull out of its previously “indexed” files and serves up what it believes are the best examples of what the user is looking for in descending order. It also puts in advertisements called PayPer Click and a host of others. The websites that appear on the page that are not ads are “organic” listings. The users that click those websites are called “organic traffic”. 

SEO is the process to improve the website’s visibility and perceived importance for a given keyword to the search engine so as to appear higher on organic results and drive traffic to the website. Now that may seem quite simple, but there is a lot that goes into SEO and much of it is not found on a web page. Here are some of the strategies used by our SEO experts.  

Backlink Building

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Links are clickable links from one web page to another. Backlinks are links from one website to yours. Now, why does that matter? It matters because when the search engines were battling for dominance they each had algorithms as to what pages to display for a search term.  People found they got better results from Google.

Now Google uses backlinks from outside sites to rate relevance to a website. If the site has many links from high-traffic sites then it boosts its priority or domain authority. So the SEO process involves building good-quality backlinks from relevant websites. 

Atlanta SEO Meta Data

The title of a page is what you see when you hover over the tab of a page or on the top of search page results. The title of any page may seem ambiguous but there is a lot more to a title than meets the eye. As true SEO experts, it is our job to understand this and put the time and effort into having the perfect SEO title. 

The Meta description is the short description you see of a page on search results. Once again a lot more goes into a meta description than meets the eye. We make it our business to ensure your meta description is optimized and set up to rank. 

SEO Meta data

On-Page SEO Experts

New York City SEO Agency Pros

On-Page SEO for the most part is the page copy and is highly complicated. Knowing where and how often to place keywords, anchor text, etc. takes years of practice and research writing copy that flows and is optimized at the same time.  A great copywriter is hard to find, and one who can write SEO-optimized copy is far more difficult. 

Here at Market Pros International, we are blessed that the founders of our company are expert SEO copywriters with many years in the industry.  So you can rest assured they will be with us for the duration.  

SEO Agency Experts!

As we said at the onset, SEO is our passion and we could go on and on all day about it. There is so much more to SEO than we could ever cover here. This includes Schema markup, Image SEO, and the list goes on and on. There are also hacks that we have used that we hold closely for competitive reasons. When you get serious about your internet marketing especially as it relates to ranking on Google, you should give serious consideration to partnering with us. We check all the SEO boxes for our clients and that is really what it is all about. Our expertise is head and shoulders above most competitors and our pricing could best be described as highly affordable.

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From your first call with Market Pros International, you will understand that we are quite different in our approach to your business. We don’t use scripts that are geared to commit you to high spending with little concern for your actual results. We are a results-driven digital marketing agency that focuses on proven metrics. You will understand up front what kind of return you can expect when you deal with us. We do not ask for long-term contracts because we get results fast and that is what you should expect from your digital marketing partner. Give us a call today for a free strategy session.  What you can expect are honest answers to your questions and zero pressure to enroll.  We value your time and look forward to speaking to you soon. –Don Troiano CEO 

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