12 Things You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

Building a business today requires building an effective online presence. Social Media Marketing offers a no-cost and low-cost solution to showcase your business with little to no experience. But it is important to keep in mind that your social media is your business window on Main Street. So it is important that each social page looks professional. Here is a list of 12 things you need to know about social media marketing.

A Business Can Build an Effective Online Presence with Social Media Marketing.

Building your business today simply must include building an online presence so it can be found on the web. If your company is just starting out it may not have a big enough budget for a website. but most of the social media platforms allow companies to set up a page to showcase their products or services free of charge. A company can use its social media page to build an audience that can be engaged on a regular basis. Businesses can post as often as they like without charge on their business page, to make announcements, post promotions, and gain insights as to audience needs wants, and desires.

Having A Large Social Media Page Following Does Not Mean Free Advertising.

A common misconception in social media marketing and Facebook, in particular, is that once your company page has a large following on a social media platform they can simply post and reach all of their followers without spending anything but a little time and effort. The reality is the platforms have also come to realize this and have built certain algorithms into their platform that will allow only a very small segment of company page followers to actually see their posts. The same can be said if a company sets up the page as an individual, once again only a small segment of personal pages followers actually see each post.

Get Educated On Each Platform Before You Jump Into Paid Advertising.

There are all sorts of places you can obtain training for social media advertising, but the best place to start is the free online courses offered

by each platform. For instance, Facebook offers Facebook Blueprint. Google offers Google Academy for ads. While LinkedIn offers Linkedin Marketing Solutions, Twitter offers Twitter ads, Pinterest offers Pinterest business and Instagram free training can be found in Facebook business since the two companies are now merged and share ads manager accounts.

Political Advertising On Social Media Is A Slippery Slope These Days.

If you plan on running political ads on social media today, you will find things have changed dramatically. Today to post on Facebook or Instagram you will be faced with quite a few challenges. First, you must become “verified”. Meaning you need to prove you are who you say you are with several IDs combined with the platform mailing you a postcard at your home address so you can provide a code. If you plan on running political ads make sure you understand all the terms of service for each platform.

You Can Not Advertise Everything On Social Media.

While it can vary from platform to platform there are certain products or services that simply cannot be advertised on most social media platforms. That would always include anything considered illegal. Other commonly restricted products are gambling, adult services, tobacco and most pharmaceutical sales. It is always best to refer to each platform TOS before running ads to avoid compliance problems.

 With New Privacy Laws You Must Always Watch Your Cookies.

Privacy has become a big issue when it comes to the internet these days. Most of the social media platforms require full disclosure if your website collects information on visitors. In certain areas of the world, they have very strict laws the require website and landing pages must have in bold letters on every page if that website uses tracking and allow a browser to easily opt-out. It is important to know the laws regarding privacy wherever you plan on running ads before you even begin to avoid what can become serious trouble for you.

Be Sure To Choose The Right Platform For Your Product or Service.

When you are considering SMM it is important to know where you would be more likely to reach your desired audience. There are a host of platforms geared to specific age groups and interests; however, the demographics can vary depending on location.  Just as in any form of advertising it is important to know demographics and interests before allocating your valuable resources to any one place.

Facebook Is Not Just  For Kids Anymore.

When you think of Facebook you might think that the average user on the platform would be in their teens to the twenties. The reality is the average Facebook user in the US is 40.5 and 65% of all users are 35 or older while less than 10% are 17 or younger. Make sure you products or services are geared towards these demographics or you may find disappointing results. It needs to be mentioned however Facebook far and away has the most users with over 2 billion worldwide. Numbers that cannot be ignored.

Instagram Is Where The Action Is.

There is no getting around it. If you want to target the highly sought after 18 to 34 demographics then you must be on Instagram. A whopping 64% of the users on Instagram are in these demographics and that is over 700 million users.

Twitter Should Not Be Ignored.

With over 69 million users and over 40% of those users active daily, it is fair to say Twitter should not be ignored for SMM. Twitter boasts a younger demographic also with 37% in the prized 18 to 29 demographic. The platform is not difficult to run ads on and the ROI is very good depending on the products or services in your offer.

Linkedin Is The Place For Business to Business.

If you are selling to businesses then LinkedIn is the place you want to be. No other platform in the world offers direct access to decision makers the way LinkedIn does. It is also a great place to build a network of people your company is likely to do business with. If your company is in the B2B space then spending on LinkedIn is simply a must today.

The World of Social Media Marketing Changes Every Day So Keep Learning.

Social media is moving fast. I’m reading about new things in social media ALL the time. If you’re active on social, you’ll pick things up as changes happen. Don’t panic about that, it will just happen.

In closing Social Media Marketing is hands down the best way to start advertising your products or services. The minimum ads spend is much lower than other forms of advertising and the targeting is like nothing we have ever seen before. Simply put social media is where the attention is today. Now the important thing to consider is hiring a professional to market your good or services. As outlined above there is far too much to know for an average entrepreneur to take in. There is always a possibility you may get lucky and find success on social media right out of the box. Find an agency with a well-rounded team that has experts in every platform as well as experts for copy and creative. Running a bad ad on your platform can do more bad than good. If your budget allows hiring a pro.

Have Additional Questions about Social Media Marketing?

Now that you are up to speed on the top 12 things you need to know about Social Media Marketing, you might have questions specific to your situation or make sense of the next step for you. “We are recognized as a top Digital Marketing Company on DesignRush”. We offer a variety of services to make sure your Social Media marketing is a rewarding experience. Have questions? Get in touch right now and we’ll help get you the answers you need to start right away. We are recognized as a Top 25 Enterprise Logo Design & Branding Agency on DesignRush.



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